Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Browns - Love Loud CD Review

The Browns have all grown up, but they still possess a youthful sound that brings something different to Southern Gospel. They released their latest project Love Loud  in late August.

This is their first mainstream release with Shelly, Michaela, Adam and Andrew Brown. The Browns really do have a fresh sound that's not your typical Southern Gospel, but I think they have a great chance of attracting new, younger fans to gospel music.

Michaela really shows off her female vocalist skills on the opening song and title track "Love Loud." However, I think my favorite song that she is featured on is "Everything Changes." It's one that I found myself playing in my head long after I stopping listening to the project.

Another one of my favorites is "Rock and Redeemer." Adam is featured on this song, and it's their first single from the project. I really enjoyed hearing them sing this song live in Branson! It's fun uptempo song that also has a great message.

"Street of Gold" is like nothing I have ever heard on a Southern Gospel project, but I like it. It definitely has a pop/ rock feel to it. The song features Andrew. He's not a kid anymore and his voice definitely shows that!

One of the two slower ballad songs is "The One Who Still Works Miracles" which allows the matriarch of the Browns, Shelly, to really shine.

Another standout to me on this project is "River in the Rain." I knew I had heard the song before and thought it might be a CCM song or one that was done by a secular group. But then I figured out (with Google's help) that it is one I had heard before from Beyond the Ashes. Love the Browns version of song. Adam does a great job on it.

And of course, the Browns include an instrumental song "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name." Great arrangement that showcases the siblings' violin playing!

Album Rating - 4 stars - This project really shows where the Browns are. Musically their voices have really matured, but they still have the youthful appeal to recruit young gospel music fans. The project represents a lot of different styles and a more progressive sound. But don't let some of the styles on the project deter tried and true traditional gospel fans!

Song List -
1. "Love Loud"
2. "Rock and Redeemer"
3. "The One Who Still Works Miracles"
4. "The Captain's Got It Under Control"
5. "Street of Gold"
6. "Everything Changes"
7. "A Place in the Choir"
8. "The Water Is Calling"
9. "Fishers of Men"
10. "River in the Rain"
11. "This I Know"
12. "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name/ Crown Him With Many Crowns"

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