Thursday, October 17, 2013

Spoken 4 Quartet and the Representatives Quartet - Concert Recap

Friday night I had the chance to see the Representatives Quartet and Spoken 4 in Searcy, Ark. I saw the Representatives for the first time earlier this year when they opened for the Kingsmen in Beebe. They are an Arkansas-based group, and Arkansas is glad to have them.

The group consists of Brian Wilson, his sons Ryler and Chantry, Sam Riley, Ronnie Faith, Donnie Faith and Gregg Thurman. One thing that really stands out about this group is the live music aspect. Most of the time singing to tracks doesn't bother me. I don't even think about it, until I see a group who does it all live. The group has a number of instruments on stage.

The group has incredible young talent as well with Ryler and Chantry. Ryler's voice has a maturity far beyond his teenage years, and he is a great piano player. Chantry is already handling playing the drums and being the featured singer on a few songs at a young age.

They sang a number of familiar songs including "Beautiful Home" (personal favorite of mine by the Kingsmen) and "Hallelujah, I'm Ready." They also did "Power in the Blood" instrumentally that was great!

The one song they sang with a track  was "Here Comes the Lamb." Beautiful song and a highlight of their set, tracks and all! They closed the night with "We Will Sing a Happy Song."

Spoken 4 took the platform next. They started the night with "You'll Find Me There" from their latest project. Then Steven Hickinbotham was featured on "Hold a Clear Title to a Mansion."

One of the things I love about this group is hearing them share their hearts on stage. Each of them took time to share a story or testimony from his heart. Jon Charles Taggart talked about how he could identify with the story of the prodigal son because of how he had strayed from God as a teenager. He sang the song "Back to Me" that is based on that story. Beautiful song, and Jon Charles does a great job on it!

They sang several of my favorites including "Try a Little Kindness," "I Know My God Can Do It," "I  Know I'm Going Home" and "Hold Me." They also sang the classic "Beulah Land" with Steven accompanying them at the piano. They did the last chorus with just their voices, and it was beautiful! Steven also gave his testimony and sang "Who Am I" with just the piano.

They also sang "Rainbow of Love" that allowed Cecil Stringer to show off how low he could go, and believe me it's low! Brandon Britton also got to show his range with a high note at the end. Brandon was also featured on "I Find No Fault in Him," which is a favorite from their most recent project! He spoke before the song about how we need to stop tearing each other down as Christians and work to love one another more.

Jon Charles talked about how we have given up so much ground as Christians, we almost have nothing left to stand on. As Christians, we need to take a better stand for the truth and stand our ground. And then they ended the night with "We Believe." This is one of my all-time favorite songs they sing!

It was a great night of gospel music! If either group is close to your area, don't miss them!

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