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Safe After the Storm - Bowling Family CD Review

On July 1, 2010, the Bowling Family changed forever. The bus accident they survived that afternoon would forever mark the group's ministry. That afternoon they not only gained first-hand experience of the power of prayer and God's healing, but they also gained a new perspective for their ministry. Every time they get on stage, they now have a chance to tell that they are "safe ... after the storm."

The album Safe After the Storm released on Oct. 1, and it's a testament to what they have gone through and how they are now celebrating how much they have overcome. The album is their first mainstream release since the accident. And I have to say, it was worth the wait!

It's also the first project with the current lineup of Mike and Kelly Bowling, Hope Bowling and Troy Peach. I love hearing these four together! And after hearing these 11 new songs, I'm sure you will to.

The album starts off with one of its most powerful songs "Somebody's Believing." The song penned by Kenna Turner West, Lee Black and John Darin Rowsey not only speaks to how there were people believing and praying after their bus accident but also with Mike's recent health scare with his voice. Mike takes the lead on this song, and knocks it out of the park.

"Drinking From the Well" has a different more progressive sound to it, but I really like it! It has a definite country feel. The song features Kelly, but I have to say my favorite song of Kelly's is "I Know Enough." I have a feeling it's one that is going to become a mainstay for Kelly to stage. I can also hear this one going to radio.

Hope gets the feature on "Everything's Gonna Turn Out Right." The song was written by Becky Isaacs Bowman and Sonya Isaacs Yeary. She does an incredible job on this song that suits her really well. She definitely shows that she belongs on stage with the group.

Troy takes the lead on "When All I Can Cry Is Holy."  It's one of the slower songs on the project. I love the message of this song, and Troy reminds you of how glad you are to hear him singing full time again.

Another slower song is "That's What I Miss the Most." The song really hits Mike's sweet spot with vocals, but Hope also shows off some incredible harmony skills on the chorus.

"Just What I Need" is another favorite of mine. Both Kelly and Hope take a verse of the song. It has a strong country feel with a great message that He really is all we need. "I'm Glad I'm Saved" is a great uptempo song. Kelly takes the lead on this one that is a great song live!

The group brings back "God Sent Angels" that Mike sang with the Perrys to close the album. He also co-wrote this song. I'll confess this song had escaped me, so I really wasn't that familiar with the first version, but this one is definitely worth a listen!

Album Rating - 4.75 stars - This is a don't miss album this year. It's definitely one of the top releases this year. The song choices for the project are amazing. There's not one song that I found myself skipping. The album truly is a celebration of being safe after the storm, and with this record I have a feeling there will be many more celebrations to come.

Song List -
1. "Somebody's Believing"
2. "Drinking From the Well"
3. "That's What I Miss the Most"
4. "Everything's Gonna Turn Out Right"
5. "Victory's Coming"
6. "I Know Enough"
7. "Come Along Let's Fly"
8. "Just What I Need"
9. "I'm Glad I'm Saved"
10. "When All I Can Cry Is Holy"
11. "God Sent Angels"

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