Monday, November 2, 2015

Moments Like These - The Bowling Family - CD Review

This might be the week of CD reviews on the blog. I have several pending that need to be published, but let's start this week with the newest release by the Bowling Family.

Moments Like These is not only the group's first release with Daywind Records, but it's also the first one with daughter Hope taking a more prominent role with her parents.

With such strong releases like Shine and Safe... After the Storm, the bar is set high for what this group can do. But I think it's safe to say that Moments Like These is just as strong of a project.

The album starts with "Praise God He Is Alive" featuring Mike. The song is a great uptempo number.

One of my favorite songs on this project is "I Was There." The song talks about how God is there in every aspect of our lives and has been there throughout history. He's there for us and will always be there. This song definitely sounds country, and I can almost hear it as a song for country radio. The song is a perfect fit for Mike.

Kelly sings "Even When You're Asking Why." This song is definitely a highlight of the project. The song has an incredible message that will reach so many people because we've all asked the question why. Kelly communicates the lyrics beautifully. I can see this being one of her signature songs. Don't miss this song! She's also featured on the more upbeat "Mourning to Dancing," which I've already seen them stage live in concert!

Hope is featured on two songs on the project. "One Glorious Moment of Faith" is the first single from the CD, and it's climbed the charts. She absolutely knocks this one out of the park. I think this song is going to make a lot of people step back and realize what a great singer she is. I also love her version of "God Is Always Good." This is the same song Amber Nelon Thompson released earlier this year, but they have very different sounds and vocal styles. The message and lyrics of this song are so incredible; it's a must listen!

"I Believe He's Alive" has a little bit different style than the other songs on the album. The song features Mike on the verses and the trio has a choir singing with them on the chorus. Another song that's a little different style is "God Likes Working in the Midnight Hour." This song definitely has a country vibe. Mike shows that he can sing several different style songs all within one album. He's also featured on a recut of the Nelon's song "I've Got My Foot on the Rock." This is fun one to see live!

"Our First Hallelujah There" is a beautiful ballad featuring Kelly. This song really struck a chord with me after losing my grandfather just a few months ago. It's a beautiful song about the incredible worship we'll experience in Heaven. It's a great end to the project!

Moments Like These is definitely a project you need to check out. Mike, Kelly and Hope Bowling release one of the strongest projects of the year with this CD. It's right up there with their previous releases. Consider it a must buy this year!

Song List -

1. "Praise God He Is Alive"
2. "One Glorious Moment of Faith"
3. "I Was There"
4. "Mourning to Dancing"
5. "I Believe He's Alive"
6. "Even When You're Asking Why"
7. "I've Got My Foot on the Rock"
8. "God Is Always Good"
9. "God Likes Working in the Midnight Hour"
10. "Our First Hallelujah There"

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