Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Feeling Very Thankful

I was hesitant to share this on here, but when God really shows His power in your life and when He can be glorified through your circumstances, then it needs to be shared. So here goes....

Last Tuesday night, I was driving back home after teaching a night class in Arkadelphia, Ark. It had been rainy and stormy all day long, and I was nervous about the weather. In fact, I postponed class by 30 minutes to allow myself extra time to get there. I didn't have issues getting there thankfully.

But on the way back, I was about two minutes from home when I saw a car coming toward me being chased by a police officer. It drifted over into the turning lane and then into my lane. I slowed down and laid on the horn thinking he would weave back over. He didn't. He hit me head on; I don't think that he ever slowed down. I found out later at the scene that he was DWI.

The scariest moment of my life was just before impact. There was a split second where I knew he was about to hit me. I honestly thought this could be it. I never lost consciousness, didn't even hit my head. My car went in reverse across lanes of traffic and ended up in the grass in front of a local restaurant between two poles. I didn't hit anything else. As soon as my car stopped, I got out. Praise God! I got out. I walked away on my own two feet.

My car the next morning
When many people start stories of getting hit head on by a drunk driver, the story often doesn't end well. I thank God that my story is different. There's no doubt that God had His hand on my life that day. The police officer who was quickly on the scene said slowing down in those brief seconds is what saved me.

It's so easy for me to think if I hadn't postponed class, if I had thought to see what was in the other lane, if I hadn't stopped to get gas on the way back, all these different scenarios, things could have been different; it could have all been avoided. But that's not the case. While what happened wasn't what I would have chosen, God already knew what would happened, and He intervened that day. He protected me from what could have been a very serious situation.

Although I'm bruised and very sore, I'm feeling extra thankful this year. Nothing is broken or cracked just a little black and blue, and hopefully that will be temporary. When I think back of how different things could have been, I'm overwhelmed with how God worked that night.

Be encouraged today that God has His hand on your life too. No matter what You're going through He's there with you. I pray that sharing my story can be an encouragement and bring glory to God for the great things He has done!


  1. Thank God you're okay!!! We will pray for a quick healing! God is so good - I've been praying for you and your family (your safety) in these scary times. Didn't see this coming, but God is faithful and you're still with us! I am encouraged and see this as an answer to prayer. He has his hand on our life - thanks for sharing with us! Rest up - we need you! You have such a beautiful heart - thanks for giving God all the glory!!!

  2. Scary - glad you're ok!


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