Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Start of Christmas Music

This week I've been traveling for work, so blogging has not happened like I would like. Sorry! Hopefully the end of the week will be better!

So normally I'll start listening to Christmas music at the first of November. However, with above normal temperatures it just hasn't felt right to pull out Christmas music. I decided to go ahead and pull it out though last week. I couldn't resist anymore. And I'm sure within a week, I'll have a tree up at my house.

Some of my favorite Christmas projects to listen to are from Southern Gospel artists. This year I'm pretty sure TaRanda Greene is the only artist releasing a new Christmas CD. (I have a review coming soon on this one! And I can already tell you, it's fabulous!!) Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong!

So have you started listening to Christmas music yet? How early do you start? Take the poll below!

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