Monday, November 30, 2015

Chris Jenkins Leaves the Kingsmen, Joins Anchormen

The Kingsmen announced today that tenor sing Chris Jenkins will be leaving the group. He's been the tenor singer for almost four years. He will be with the group until Dec. 14.

However, fans of gospel music can see Chris in the future with the Anchormen. Starting in 2016, he will join the group with Derrick Boyd leaving the group. The group is closer to Chris's home and will allow him more time with family.

Ray Dean Reese stated, “We have thoroughly enjoyed the time that Chris has been a member of the Kingsmen and we will miss him. We do, however, completely understand that Chris has made a decision to have more time with his son. He goes with our blessings and prayers that God will continue to lead and guide his life."

“Performing with the Kingsmen since March of 2012 has been an exciting opportunity," Chris said. "I’ve always loved Ray Dean and the Kingsmen since childhood. I count it an honor to have been a part of the Kingsmen. As a member of the group, I’ve met so many fine people and made lots of friends all across America. At this time I feel the need to make a change in order to be with my 6-year-old son, Ryan, as often as possible.”

Anchormen owner Tim Bullins said, “We are extremely pleased to welcome Chris on board with the Anchormen. We have been acquaintances for several years and are looking forward to a tremendous future. Although we are we are saddened with the departure of Derrick, we completely understand and support his decision. He and his wife Phyllis will always hold a special place in our hearts.”

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  1. This is... wow. Shocking. The same reasons so many Gospel singers leave the road or go to a smaller/lesser group, but wow... I doubt the Kingsmen can find somebody with that kind of sheer talent, but I sure hope they do. The still-current lineup is probably my 2nd favorite all-time.


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