Thursday, November 19, 2015

Farewell to Arkansas - The Old Paths Concert Recap

The Old Paths made their final appearance in Arkansas on Nov. 6. It was a little bittersweet knowing that it's less than a month before the group stops touring full time. However, the guys are giving it their all on this last tour making the most of the dates they have remaining.

The Old Paths - Chuck Pettyjohn, Tim Rackley, Doug Roark
and Daniel Ashmore
There was a sweet spirit in the church that night. Even though it's sad to see them leave the full-time ministry of The Old Paths, you can tell they are following God's leading with their lives. Keep praying for them as they finish up this year and go through this time of transition.

The guys really packed in a great set of songs for the night. It was a good mix of their #1s, new songs and familiar favorites.

Here's a list of what they sang -
  • "Love Them to Jesus" - Great song to start the concert with!
  • "Just Can't Get Over" 
  • "Closer to My God"
  • "God's Great" - This is always a favorite and always gets a good response from the audience!
  • "Woke Up This Morning" - Another one of my favorites that they sing. A great uptempo number that has the audience clapping along!
  • "When He Was on the Cross" - Chuck does a great job on this song that's a feature for him. 
  • "Ever Since That Wonderful Day"
  • "If That Isn't Love" - This was definitely a highlight of the night for me! Daniel took the first verse and Chuck the second. Beautiful song and beautiful job!
  • "Ordinary People" - Doug gave his testimony before this song. It's so incredible to hear his story of how he came to accept Christ and how God completely changed his life. I love how it sets up this song perfectly! This is becoming my favorite Old Paths song!
  • "God's Gonna Do the Same" - Daniel proves what an incredible bass voice he has on this song!
  • "Midnight Cry" - This might be a song associated with Gold City, but I love hearing Tim sing this song! He nails it every time!
  • "Where Could I Go" - Daniel played this song on his sax during the offering. So great hearing him play!
  • "When the Saints Go Marching In" - Another sax solo from Daniel.
  • "Battlestand" - This was the group's first #1 song, always a great one to hear live!
  • "Until Then" - Love hearing Doug sing this hymn!
  • "I'm Going Where He Lives" - They said this is the first song they sang as a group.
  • "Jesus Is Coming Soon"
  • "I Bowed On My Knees" - Always a highlight, love hearing Tim sing this song. Perfect worshipful ending to the night!

It was an incredible night, such a sweet spirit with appreciation for these guys and their ministry. While it's sad to see them leave the road full-time, they are going out while still on the top!

If they are going to be anywhere close to you in the next few weeks, don't miss your chance to see them!


  1. Maybe Daniel Ashmore would be a good fit with Brian Free & Assurance?

    1. Daniel has a great talent and would be, but I think he's wanting to be home with his wife and not travel full time any more.


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