Thursday, March 12, 2015

Then Jesus Came - Lindsay Huggins - CD Review

In 2013, I got to feature a soloist named Lindsay Huggins in my "Names You Might Not Know Yet" series. Lindsay has just released a new solo project Then Jesus Came produced by Jerry Salley.

"Praying Women" is the first single from the project and definitely a highlight. The song is a beautiful reminder of those women in our lives who have prayed us through situations and have been a constant source of faith and stability. It's a great song for women and a encouragement to us to be a "praying woman" in someone else's life. I think this is a woman's version of the Brian Free & Assurance hit "I Want to Be That Man." The song was penned by Lee Black, Marcia Henry and Kenna Turner West.

The title track of "Then Jesus Came" is another standout song. The songs tells how Jesus can change situations in a moment, our tears to joy. It's a beautiful song and definitely one I can hear doing well on radio!

"Not in This House" is a Jerry Salley story song that did not go where I thought it would when it started. The song has a great hook! The song reminds us all of God's grace and mercy.

I was familiar with the song "A Good Place to Turn Around" because Point of Grace recorded the song several years ago. However, it's probably a new one to most gospel fans. The song doesn't stray too far from that version, but it is interesting to hear a soloist cover it compared to a group. It definitely has a country flavor.

Lindsay goes more progressive with "You Can Use Me." It's a great uptempo song that I can see getting a great audience response live. It shows a more soulful side of her voice. "A New Day Comin'" is another great uptempo track.

"Nothing He Can't Redeem" is the song that really shows off Lindsay's chops as a vocalist. This is an incredibly powerful song and one that I definitely found myself repeating over and over. Lindsay was actually a cowriter of the song with Marcia Henry.

The closing track "God Hears" is another great song with a powerful message. I love the play on words toward the end of the song with hear and here.

I really love the number of "story" songs on this project. I think Lindsay does a great job of communicating these stories.

I'm definitely a fan of this project! I think this album is a great showcase of the vocal talent she has. And I hope this album will help more Southern Gospel fans see that. I think she has a country style to a lot of her songs. Particularly fans of the Bowling Family and Talleys will enjoy her style. I definitely recommend giving it a listen and I look forward to seeing what's to come from Lindsay Huggins.

Song List -

1. "The Answer"
2. "A Good Place to Turn Around"
3. "Then Jesus Came"
4. "Not in This House"
5. "Praying Women"
6. "You Can Use Me"
7. "Nothing He Can't Redeem"
8. "Pretty"
9. "A New Day Comin'"
10. "God Hears"

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