Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Turn It Up - Playlists of Life - Storms

Today, we continue with the playlists of life series. What songs give you hope when you're going through a storm? What song do you cling to during a storm? Whether you've just had a rough day or you're facing the death of a loved one, what song can give you the reassure you need?

Here are a few of mine! What song is it for you? Comment below.

  • I’m Gonna Make It - Sisters 
  • He Sees What We Don’t - 11th Hour 
  • Through the Night - The Perrys
  • Hold Me While I Cry - Karen Peck and New River
  • Through the Fire - Crabb Family
  • I will Rise - Tribute Quartet
  • I’ll Take It - Jeff and Sheri Easter
  • Now I Know Him - Joseph Habedank
  • Songs in the Night - Lauren Talley Alvey
  • I Can Trust Him - The Perrys
  • I Can Trust Jesus - Collingsworth Family
  • My Help/ My Tribute - Talleys 
  • Til the Storm Passes By - Greater Vision
  • When God Has Another Plan - Greenes
  • I of the Storm - Old Paths
  • I'll Trust the Potter's Hand - Whisnants
  • Through It All - Gordon Mote
  • Sometimes God Allows - Adam Crabb
  • Peace in the Midst of the Storm - Beyond the Ashes


  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful introduced me to some songs I hadn't heard. I really like the one by Joseph Habedank and just added it to my latest blog post. I recently did a post where I chose 20 songs and Scriptures that are seeing me through right now. You are welcome to view it, if you'd like at this link: I appreciate all you do and enjoy reading your posts! God bless. :)

  2. I like Adam's 'Sometimes God Allows' & Nelons 'We Speak Your Name'


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