Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mark Trammell Quartet with Wade Lentz

I got the chance to see Mark Trammell Quartet on Friday night in El Dorado, Ark. It was the group's first weekend without bass singer Pat Barker. With that being said, instead of doing a full concert recap, I'll share a few highlights and also more on their fill-in.

Mark talked about how the auditorium brought back several memories of when he performed there with the Cathedrals. He shared how his dad would greet him at the door and would always sit over in the same section. It's always good to see Mark "come home" to Arkansas and share these memories.

It was great to hear so many of the new songs live again. Two of my favorites were "God's Been Faithful" and "When the King Comes to Claim His Throne." The group closed the first half with "Too Much to Gain to Lose!" Incredible song and probably the moment of the night! I love hearing Mark on this song!

Wade Lentz filled in at bass for the group. He is the pastor of Beryl Baptist Church in Vilonia. The church has hosted several gospel concerts. I had been there a few times myself and even heard him sing with Joseph Habedank when he was there in concert. Wade had already committed to help the group during this transition for the weekend before the April 27 tornado destroyed his home. He and his family thankfully had been convinced to take shelter in the basement of his parents' home. All that is left of their home is the foundation. Mark said during the concert he offered him the chance to back out, but Wade wanted to make good on his commitment and thought the weekend with the group would do him good! I hope it did him as much good as the audiences he sang to over the weekend! Mark publicly thanked him from stage and pointed out what an incredible job he did. I definitely agree. I expected them to sing a lot of older, more familiar songs, but they sang just as many new ones, and Wade stayed right with the group!

Here's a clip of a story that a local news station ran on Wade following the tornado.

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