Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mixing the New and Old - 11th Hour Concert Recap

11th Hour - Jaquita Lindsey, Amber Eppinette,
Grant Gibson and Ethan Allen
Last January when I saw 11th Hour for the first time, it was an incredible worship service. I was so impressed by this young group in Southern Gospel immediately. Each time this group continues to impress me. It had been a while since I saw them live. Jaquita Lindsey, fellow Arkansan, joined the group several months ago, so this was my first time to see her with members Amber Eppinette, Grant Gibson and Ethan Allen.

While the group is still relatively new and making a name for themselves in gospel music, they are doing an incredible job of carrying on good Southern Gospel music.

The group sang several songs from their newest project that will be officially released in June. In fact, they started the night with "Everlasting Arms." The song features Amber and has a little bit of the hymn "Leaning on the Everlasting Arms" included at the end of the song. Then Grant sang "Step In," another new song.

Amber then sang "He Sees What We Don't." This has to be my favorite song that 11th Hour sings. It was written by Amber and Joseph. The lyrics of this song are incredible, and Amber sings it with such conviction.

Amber introduced the group and mentioned that Jaquita joined the group five months ago. After they sang another new song "No Death," Jaquita shared a little bit of how she came to be with the group. She had been raised in church and singing. She and her brother even had a group together. As she got older, she said that she started to resent that calling that God had on her life. Recently she had been praying for a chance to sing in ministry. She talked about the calling that we all have from God and how important it is to follow whatever He has called us to do. She met the group last year and filled in with them after Candice left. When 11th Hour got ready to go into the studio, they were still looking for a singer. God placed Jaquita on Amber's heart, and Amber asked her to join the group. And the rest is history.

Jaquita then sang "The Potter Knows the Clay" with just Amber on keys and Ethan on bass. She has a beautiful voice, and this song really suited her. I really love how they have incorporated live music into their services. Grant sang "Going Home" next with again just the keys and bass. He does an incredible job on this song!

They ended the first part of the concert with "Glory Land" a cappella with no microphones! This was probably the moment of the night!! Beautiful!! Ethan also sang with them on this one.

11th Hour returned to the stage to start the second half, but they were having some technical difficulties with their track. So Amber went to the keyboard and led the congregation in "Amazing Grace" while they worked it out. Thankfully, they figured it out, and Amber sang another new song called "How Will You Plead." It's a great new song!

They picked up the tempo then a bit with "It's a Wonderful Life." They asked Ethan to step forward and sing a Crabb Family favorite "Please Come Down to Me." He did a great job on this song! Amber stayed at the keyboard and sang "I Still Trust You." This song was another highlight of the night for me.

Then, they sang "Waving on the Other Side" which featured Grant. The song ended with a standing ovation from the audience. The group then led the congregation in "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be." I'm noticing more and more the trend for groups to led the audience in hymn singing during a concert. It's a trend I definitely like!

The last song before the invitation was "Room With a View" which Amber sang. Candice had previously had the solo on this song, so it was good to hear the song still staged and Amber making it her own.

It was a great night of worship and lifting up the name of Jesus. It was good hearing so many of the group's new songs mixed with the older, more familiar songs and hymns. If 11th Hour comes to your area, don't miss them!

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  1. i absolutely LOVE 11th hour! they are such good people! we even called them just to figure out the notes to Adam's Fall (my daughter is learning to play the piano) and when there people couldn't help her figure out the notes (they play it by ear). Amber called her just to encourage her and even sent her a signed copy of there new CD! (Picture This) my daughter was so happy and they are truly good people! (there new CD rocks!)


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