Thursday, May 8, 2014

Wendy and Kennedy Hayes - Spotlight on Mothers and Daughters

Continuing the Spotlight on mothers and daughters today with

Wendy and Kennedy Hayes

From Kennedy - 

Question: When have you been most proud of your mother?
Kennedy: I am always proud of her when I hear her pretty voice!

Q: What TV mom does your mother most resemble?
Kennedy: Caroline Ingalls, from Little House On the Prairie. Caroline always has the right things to say at the right time. She is always there for her children and is loving and compassionate.

Q: What's one phrase that your mother always said to you as a child?
Kennedy: Obedience always brings blessings.

Q: What five words best describe your mother?
Kennedy: Funny, loving, kind, humble, compassionate.

Q: What’s the most important lesson your mother has taught you on stage or off?
Kennedy: She and I talk a lot about just staying humble, and not thinking too highly of ourselves.

From Wendy - 

Q: When have you been most proud of Kennedy?
Wendy: There are many moments, but one that sticks out is the time she witnessed to some neighbor girls. She was very young but was so worried about them not knowing Christ. It blesses me to know she has a heart for reaching the lost.

Q: If she doesn't choose singing, what career would you encourage her to choose?
Wendy: I would have to say that being a Godly wife and mother is one of the most important jobs that I would hope she would desire. She is really good at fixing hair so a hair stylist would be a good choice...on the side!

Q: Does she help you pick out stage clothes or do you help her?
Wendy: Well, she is quite the fashion girl! I usually ask HER what she thinks about my outfits. She seems to have a good eye for what looks good together.

Q: What’s one quality that Kennedy has that you wish you exhibited more?
Wendy: Always full of JOY.

Q: What’s one thing you learned from your mother that you wanted to be sure and pass on to your daughter?
Wendy: To work hard and be faithful.

Thanks Wendy and Kennedy for your time to participate!!

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