Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Joseph Habedank Solo - Concert Recap

Sunday night I got the chance to attend a solo concert by Joseph Habedank in Vilonia, Ark. After leaving the Perrys in May, he has started doing a number of solo concerts in the past few months. And it looks like his schedule is filling up, and after Sunday night I can certainly see why.
Joseph Habedank

Joseph started the night with a couple of familiar Perrys favorites "He Forgot" and "You Cannot Improve on the Truth." It was easy to hear from the first note that the time off from singing full-time hasn't hurt him one bit.

Then, he sang "Royal Descendant." He was absolutely incredible on this song. And I think this was the only song he sang all night that he didn't write. This alone speaks volumes for him as an artist and the songwriting collection he has built. It would be very easy for him to do an entire concert of only songs he had written.

Next, Joseph brought up Lindsay, his wife, who has been able to travel with him some to sing. I had never heard her sing before, but she has an incredible voice. Joseph had written a song "How You Hold Me" during a rough time for their family. He wanted to be there for his mom, but God showed him that He was there for her, holding her. Lindsay sang the song beautifully! I can definitely see them doing more together in the future.

Joseph then sang a couple of new songs himself that he had written that have not been recorded yet. He sang a song entitled "Long Live the King" that he wrote with Tony Wood and Krissy Nordhoff. Then, he sang "Now I Know Him." He said it was one of the most personal songs he had written. He had experienced one of the hardest years last year in his life. However, God had used it to bring him closer to Him. He said God had a purpose and plan for it all. God brought him through it all and now he knows God like he never has before. The song beautifully describes that, and you could tell Joseph felt every word he sang. Incredible song and a highlight of the concert!!

Lindsay Habedank singing
He then picked up the tempo a bit with "Dying Is Day." He then sang my personal favorite, "Almost Morning." We don't know how long the night will last, but we have the promise that morning is coming. Joseph walked into the audience as he sang the song. Another great moment!

He ended the night with "If You Knew Him." He called the pastor, his wife and brother from the church to sing the song with him. They have some talented people in the church. It was a great song to end on!

If you get the chance to see Joseph in your area soon, don't miss him! It was great to see and hear him back on stage. He's sounding better than ever. 


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