Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hoskins Family - A Gathering

Sometimes I'm reminded that I'm somewhat of a new fan of gospel music. When I stumbled upon the Hoskins Family's A Gathering I thought I was hearing a relatively new group only to discover that they have actually been around for a few decades.

A Gathering is a collection of the family's hits. This is the group's first album since the early 2000s, which hopefully gives me a slight excuse for just now discovering them. 

While some of the songs did sound familiar to me, they were all mostly new to me. In reality, there are three new songs on the project and the rest are previously recorded songs. "Whenever I Hear His Name" is a new song and one of the standout songs on the project. The song features Angie Hoskins Aldridge.

Angie's 16-year-old daughter Abigail is featured on another new one, "God Is Big." The song is a great uptempo song that was written by Annie McRae. It definitely sounds like something Annie wrote and would have recorded as the McRaes.

"Safe Thus Far" was another standout on the project for me only to discover the song had gone to #1 for them! I also really loved "Heaven Awaits" which is the first track on the project.

Whether you are a fan of this group or newly discovering them like I did, this is definitely an album to add to your collection. It definitely made me start listening to some of their older releases as well. Glad to see this mixed group releasing projects again! And I'm thankful for this new discovery!

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