Friday, May 2, 2014

Fun Clip Friday - Pat Barker

I don't know if I ever recall seeing the outpouring on social media over someone leaving a group the way I have with the news of Pat Barker's departure from the Mark Trammell Quartet. This is his last weekend on the road. I'm trying really hard not to be bitter and take it personally that the group will be in Arkansas next weekend, so I'll miss seeing him with the group one last time. :) But he's going where God is leading, and that's the most important thing.

So this week's Fun Clip Friday post is dedicated to Pat. Because there are a lot of fun clips with Pat and I couldn't pick just one, you get two this week! The first one is his recent interview with Matt Fouch for "On the Couch with Fouch" and the second is from last year's NQC, the all bass singer quartet. Enjoy! Pat, you will be missed!

On the Couch with Fouch - Pat Barker

NQC All Bass Singer Quartet


  1. I think there was a similar outpouring when Tim Riley retired from Gold City in ~2005. But to make that comparison, to a Hall of Fame legend, is a compliment to Pat.

    1. I'm sure there was! I guess it's just more noticeable now with the increased use of social media since then. :)


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