Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Old Paths - Decade - CD Review

The Old Paths released its first project in 2004. To commemorate the group's 10 years, Old Paths released Decade, a collection of songs previously released songs. While the songs may not be new, the project is definitely worth a listen!

It's only been in recent years that I have really become acquainted with Old Paths music and am most familiar with their latest two main releases, Right Now and These Truths. While those two CDs and their songs have brought much success to the group, Decade goes back a little farther and pulls songs from the group's first projects that fans like myself might not know as much.

One thing about the project is that you are in no way shorted on the amount of music it contains. The project has 19 songs!!

Old Paths started as a trio originally. Several of the songs that were previously recorded as a trio were included like "The Fire Still Burns," "The Bottom of the Hill," "For the First Time" and "He Didn't Have the Heart." Some of the songs had already been recorded twice but were included on the group's Simplicity project that was also recorded as a trio. So even though this is the third project for some of these songs, the group has tried to bring new life to them by recording them with the current quartet lineup.

The project starts with "The Fire Still Burns" which is probably one of my favorites. A great toe-tapper to start the CD off with! Also love the uptempo "We'll Sing a Song!"

I was glad to hear "I of the Storm" included on this project. This is one of my favorite songs of Old Paths. Jeremy Peace absolutely owns this song.

"He'll See You Through" was not one that I was really familiar with even though Old Paths was not the first group to cut this song. I'm glad that it was on this project to give people like me a chance to hear it for the first time!

Don't miss this project just because it's not full of new songs. While Old Paths has been around for a decade, the songs are ones you might be hearing for the first time by the group, like I did!

Song List - 
1. "The Fire Still Burns"
2. "Going To Where He Lives"
3. "Too Far Gone"
4. "Portrait of Grace"
5. "Life Again"
6. "He's the Foundation"
7. "I of the Storm"
8. "We'll Sing a Song"
9. "The Bottom of the Hill"
10. "I've Missed Out"
11. "He Chose the Tree"
12. "I've Made it Home"
13. "He'll See You Through"
14. "For the First Time"
15. "He Didn't Have the Heart"
16. "Amen, That's Right"
17. "Do You Have His Robe"
18. "Wonderful Life"
19. "Oh What a Savior"

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