Thursday, July 25, 2013

These Truths - Old Paths - CD Review

The Old Paths released These Truths this month that they teased in an interview recently with me. This is the group's second project with Crossroads Music. Their previous project Right Now had two #1 songs, so this album had to follow the success of that one, but I think won't have to worry about this one not measuring up to the success of Right Now. With These Truths, Old Paths shows that they are one of the best upcoming quartets and will continue to rise to the top.

The project kicks off with "We Are Those Children." This is one of my favorites. It's an uptempo, solid quartet song that was previously recorded by Heaven Bound.

"Love Them to Jesus" is another one of my favorites that features Tim Rackley, lead singer. It seems that sometimes an album either has standout ballads or uptempo songs, but this project has a great mixture of both!

Tenor Jeremy Peace is featured on "Isn't That Why He Came." It's a tender ballad with an incredible message. He's also featured on "God Said I Love You," which is another incredible ballad that speaks of the message of the cross. Jeremy shows off just how high he can go toward the end of the song.

"Enough and Then Some" and "God's Gonna Do the Same" are both fun songs that really show off bass singer Daniel Ashmore. His strong bass will impress you, and then when you take into consideration that he's still in his early twenties that will wow you even more.

"If It Were Not for Grace" shows off baritone singer Doug Roark. It's another ballad with a strong message. He's also featured on the track that the title of the project comes from, "We Hold These Truths."

"Long Live the King" is an incredible song to close the project on. I love the arrangement and the orchestration at the beginning, it really sets the tone for the song. It's such a powerful song, vocally and lyrically. I can see this being a huge song for the Old Paths!

Album rating - 4.25 stars - These Truths is definitely on the must-buy list of 2013 projects. I cannot say enough about the incredible song selection with a mix of great, tender ballads and strong, uptempo quartet numbers. Quartet fans and gospel fans alike will love this project!

Song List:
1. "We Are Those Children"
2. "Isn't That Why He Came"
3. "Enough and Then Some"
4. "We Hold These Truths"
5. "Love Them to Jesus"
6. "If It Were Not for Grace"
7. "I'm Just Passing Through"
8. "God Said I Love You"
9. "God's Gonna Do the Same"
10. "Long Live the King"

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  1. Shirley Litaker JonesJuly 25, 2013 at 2:09 PM

    Awesome CD from awesome guys! Hard to pick s favorite-all songs are great filled with wonderful mmessages. Prayers and blessings for these men of God!


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