Thursday, July 11, 2013

Surrender - Adam Crabb - CD Review

Even though Adam Crabb has been a solo artist for several years now, he released his first solo CD in June. After the Crabb Family went into their separate ministries, Adam was in Crabb Revival for a time, but now has a formed a strong presence as a solo artist. While singing solo, the roots of the CD and of his music are very reminiscent of the Crabb family style.

In addition to having his family come in as background vocalists, Adam also gets some help from Charlotte Ritchie and Gene McDonald. And I'm guessing he gets some help from his kids on "Hey Now." Cute beginning to this song with the kids voices!

One song that really spoke to me right off was "Sometimes God Allows." So many times we pray asking God to take away a burden or situation. And we know that He has the power to do so, but sometimes He chooses to allow things to happen in His wisdom! Love this song, one of my favorites!!

Another powerful song lyrically on the album is "Jehovah Jireh." Both verses tell stories of individuals who have fallen on hard times, but they are choosing to trust in Jehovah Jireh, our provider. It's a great ballad, and a song that Adam really shines on vocally. The arrangement is simple so that his voice and they way he communicates the lyrics really comes through strongly.

"Surrender," the title track of the project, has a different message than I expected. It not only talks about how we should surrender to Christ because of what He did for us, but the second verse also brings up that He surrendered everything for us.

Crabb Family fans will recognize "I've Got a Right to Pray" that was a popular one for the family, and Adam includes it on this project.

I like Adam's version of the hymn "Higher Ground." He puts a new spin on it, and has some guest bass vocals from Gene McDonald.

Album rating - 4 stars - Fans of Adam Crabb and the Crabb Family will love this project! The song selection is also great, so many powerful songs! The songs are mostly slower tempo, but with the message each song brings this didn't bother me a bit!

Song List:

1. "That Whosoever Was Me"
2. "Covered"
3. "I've Got a Right to Pray"
4. "Sometimes God Allows"
5. "Hey Now"
6. "Surrender"
7. "Why I Am Who I Am"
8. "Higher Ground"
9. "The God I Know Now"
10. "Sometimes He Whispers"
11. "Jehovah Jireh"

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  1. The God I Know Now has a wonderful message of growing in your relationship to God.


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