Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Just Came to Talk To You Lord - When Lyrics Speak

Have you ever had times in life where every where you turn it's the same lesson, topic or verse that's being discussed? It's those moments where it's clear that God's trying to teach you something because this same theme keeps being brought up around you.

That's been the case with me many times before, and it's happened again recently. I know that God is trying to make sure I get it through my thick skull because every where I turn people are talking about dwelling in the presence of God. When you stop to think that as a believer, God is always there, it makes you really think about your actions and your thoughts each day. We are continuously in the presence of God, but when is the last time I really stopped to enjoy that presence?

When's the last time I really dwelt in His presence and talked to Him? In those rare, quiet moments of life, do I stop to talk to think that He's with me and take advantage of the time to talk to Him? If He's always with me, shouldn't I make an effort to acknowledge Him more throughout my day?

When thinking about His presence and taking time to talk and spend time with Him, the song "I Just Came to Talk to You, Lord" was one that came to mind. When I do take time to stop and talk to God, my prayers can turn into long wish lists and asking for requests? How often do I just stop and take time to talk to Him, to thank Him for what He's done in my life?

The song is about just coming into the presence of the Lord to talk to Him, not because anything was needed or bringing a burden to Him. What if I came to Him more often with no specific reason, no selfish motive or favors to ask? What if I just came to talk to Him to enjoy His presence and thank Him? What if my time spent with God were more about Him and less about me and the things that I want?

We all want to dwell more in His presence, but how often do we take time to talk to Him, seeking just the pleasure of His company and not asking Him to grant our requests. My challenge and what I feel like God has been teaching me is just to dwell in His presence, enjoying spending time talking to Him for no particular reason other than love and desire for a better relationship with Him.

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