Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Here Comes Sunday - Wilburn & Wilburn - CD Review

Duos are a rarity in Southern Gospel. However, father and son Jonathan and Jordan Wilburn make it work, and make it work well as Wilburn & Wilburn. Another rarity is having the strong success that they had with their debut project Family Ties. Now they are following it up with their sophomore release Here Comes Sunday which I expect to have as much if not more success as their first project.

The album has 12 songs, and there truly is something for everyone. I love the variety of this project. Ben Isaacs produced the album. And if my ears aren't deceiving me, it sounds like a couple of Isaacs helped with background vocals as well.

"Here Comes Sunday" is the title cut of the project. Upon just seeing the title I thought the song would have something to do with going to church on Sundays, but the Sunday in the song is referring to the resurrection. It's a great song  with a more progressive country feel. The bridge then brings the life application that during your darkest times, joy will come in the morning. Definitely a highlight of the project!

When you see a song with a title like "Funeral Plans," you know it's going to be interesting. Jonathan Wilburn does a great job on this song! It's a song that is definitely his bread and butter.

I love the song "Joseph." It's a great take on the faith of Joseph and how he chose to stay by Mary and raise Jesus. He chose to protect her and choose to trust God. The song asks Joseph questions about how he chose the road of faith rather than the easy path.

The first single from this project is "A Man Like Me," which features Jordan. I've already heard it a lot on radio already, so I wouldn't be surprised for this to be a big hit for them. The song is a tender ballad from Jimmy Yeary and Dianne Wilkinson. Incredible song that talks about how God can use anything through His power, even "a man like me."

"Help Me" is a great country-flavored song. The title is a little deceiving in that the person is actually asking for help from God to help others who are in greater need.

"If These Old Walls Could Talk" is another country song that's a real toe-tapper talking about an old country church that has seen countless lives changed. Another uptempo great song is "Heaven's Jubilee." Love that they chose to put their own style into this song and cut it!

Album rating - 4.25 stars - Fans of Southern Gospel are guaranteed to find something they like on this project. It has a great variety, and of course I like that there are more than the typical 10 songs. Wilburn & Wilburn are definitely showing that duos have a place in gospel music!

Song List -
1. "Here Comes Sunday"
2. "Funeral Plans"
3. "Joseph"
4. "Nobody Like Jesus"
5. "I'm Bound for That City"
6. "Every Scar"
7. "Help Me"
8. "If These Old Walls Could Talk"
9. "A Man Like Me"
10. "Heaven's Jubilee"
11. "Everything's New"
12. "Across the Miles"

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