Wednesday, July 24, 2013

When Lyrics Speak - Satisfied - Jason Crabb

One of my favorite projects that's been released this year is Jason Crabb's Love Is Stronger. The album is full of incredible songs, but one particularly has been on my mind lately.

The album closes with a song called "Satisfied." I think it's safe to say that most of the time when we see a title like "Satisfied" we think about how God satisfies our needs and He is enough for us. We need to be satisfied with where God has us and what He has for us. This song has a different take on "satisfied."

The song starts out talking about the blessings of God and all that He has done and provided. It asks "how could I ask for more." The song fully recognizes satisfaction in God with the way He has cared for us.

But then it asks the question, God, are you satisfied with me? I know so many more times I'm more concerned with my satisfaction in God rather than His satisfaction with me. "Hear my plea may it be that You are satisfied with me."

I find myself guilty of focusing on my wants and reminding myself that He is enough and to just be satisfied in Him. What am I doing to make sure He is satisfied with way I am living my life? It's far easier when I stop to think about all He has done for me for me to be satisfied in Him than to think that He would be satisfied with what I have done. Today's (and I'm sure tomorrow and the next week's as well) challenge for myself is to live my life in a way that God might be more satisfied with me.

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