Thursday, July 4, 2013

Somebody Died for Me - When Lyrics Speak

Happy Fourth of July! It's a day when we remember the freedom we have in this country and the people who sacrificed so much so that we can have that freedom. I pray that today we not only pause to  thank God for the freedom we enjoy as Americans but also the freedom we enjoy as Christians.

One of the songs that comes to mind today is "Somebody Died for Me." It's a humbling thought to know that fellow Americans risk their lives so that we are able to live in this lifetime freely. It's an even more humbling thought to know that an Almighty God sent His perfect Son to die so that we could live eternally with Him and have freedom for all time.

I love the chorus of the song. When we couldn't save ourselves, Jesus died for us, before we could even ask for help. And more importantly, every day is a gift because somebody died for me. May we treat every day as a gift and an opportunity and never take for granted the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. May we use those freedoms to proclaim the One who died for all people of all countries and nationalities.

Today as we celebrate with family, friends and fireworks, it's my prayer that we will all stop and think about the fact that "somebody died for me."

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