Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Talleys in Wynne - Concert Recap

The Talleys - Roger Talley, Lauren Talley Alvey
and Debra Talley
Last weekend was a great time for gospel music in Arkansas. There were plenty of concerts going on last week that there was no way I could make them all, but I enjoyed the two I did attend! After seeing the Perrys on Friday, I got the chance to see the Talleys on Saturday night in Wynne, Ark.

It hadn't been too long since I saw them last, but since they don't come to Arkansas that often, I didn't want to miss the chance to see them. 

It was a great night, they sang a lot of familiar favorites as well as songs from their most recent project. It was a really good mix. I heard them sing some songs that I'd never heard live before. 

Here's a breakdown of what they sang:
  • "We Want to Thank You" - I really liked that they started the concert off with this song.
  • "The Promise" - Always a favorite!
  • "God Is Great, Good and Merciful"
  • "Every Scar" - Upon listening to Love Won, this wasn't a song that stood out to me, but I love seeing them stage this song. Roger does such a great job with it!
  • "Amazing Grace" - Always love hearing Debra on this one. She told the story of Angel to set up the song. 
  • "Church Will Overcome" - This was my absolute favorite song on their latest CD. Brian, Lauren's husband, was featured on it. Lauren took the lead on this song during the concert. I love that they are staging this song now!
  • "Broken World"
  • "My Hope Is in the Lord"
  • "He's Alive" - Lauren amazes me the emotion and conviction she puts into this song every time.
  • "He Is So Good to Me"
  • "Surely"
  • "Up Above" - I hadn't seen them stage this song before. Roger took the verses that Brian had sung. Before the song, Roger talked about the day his father died. He was in the recording studio that day and Lauren and Debra were both at the Gaither Homecoming Women's taping. And yes, it was the same day that Debra fell and had a concussion. Even though his father had not been in the best health, he said you're never quite prepared for the day it comes. They have been going through his things and have realized that he didn't throw anything away. No matter how much we save down here, we can't take anything with us. We have to get our priorities straight while we are here. We might not understand everything, but up above we will.
  • "Thinking About Home" - Love to hear Debra sing this song, always does an incredible job! Before the song she talked more about Roger's dad and mentioned that he had reached the point where going home means more than staying in this world.
  • "Broken Ones" - Lauren tied this song in with their work with Compassion. She mentioned that through the organization 150,000 kids had come to know Jesus last year. She was telling about the young child's card she was holding and that she couldn't go to school right now because she needed to work to help her family. Lauren said that by the grace of God that girl could be any one of us. This led perfectly into the next song as well. 
  • "Orphans of God"
  • "Testify" - Great song to end the night on!
Always love seeing the Talleys, and Saturday night was no exception!

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