Monday, December 31, 2012

Top Moment of 2012 - #1

Group changes always leave fans wondering how the "new guy"will fit in and what the group will sound like with the addition. Fans can be pretty vocal about how they feel regarding group changes. Often it's not hard to see when a group member is new, because it can take time for these new group arrangements to click which is no indication that it's not working or won't work, but there is an adjustment period. So when it clicks from the start, it's a rare moment, which brings us to my top moment of 2012.

I had the privilege of seeing Matt Fouch in his first night with Legacy Five. And from the moment they started singing, there was no doubt that this was the right move for Legacy Five and Matt. When Matt sang his first feature song of the night "I've Been Changed," it was evident that Legacy Five fans and gospel fans all could hear that Matt's voice fit the group right away.

The group transition was handled very tactfully by both groups. Matt sang with Soul'd Out Quartet just the day before. It impressed me that Matt was already mouthing the words to other  songs when he wasn't singing. It was also neat to see the rest of Legacy Five definitely gave him encouragement throughout the night.

They closed the concert that night with "We Shall See Jesus." Matt knocked this one out of the park! This was by far my favorite song of the night, and my only regret is not getting a video of it. It had the entire audience of more than 4,000 on its feet.

I do have another video from that night that you can check out below.

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