Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Top Moment of 2012 - #9

The #9 Moment of 2012 for me occurred at the National Quartet Convention. I'm a sucker for scrap iron quartets and the all-sings, where group members from various groups all join together on stage for a song or two. So I loved the end of Quartet Night at National Quartet Convention.

Gerald Wolfe came on stage after the last group and said that he couldn't believe that no group had sung the ultimate quartet song, "Have a Little Talk With Jesus." It provided for some comedic banter between him and several quartet members. He called members of Mark Trammell Quartet and Legacy Five back to the stage to join Triumphant who was already there. It was some great quartet singing!

When they got to the second verse, they weren't sure what to do, which provided more comedic moments between Gerald Wolfe, Scott Fowler and Mark Trammell. It was decided to let the tenor take the verse like usual. Mark said that would be great if they had a tenor, not realizing that David Sutton was still on stage. Somehow he ended up being the only tenor there from the three quartets. He got the chance to showcase his strong tenor skills and ham it up a little. Paul Harkey also joined the bass singers on stage.

This moment provided not only comedic relief but also quartet singing at its finest which made the list at #9!

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