Monday, December 3, 2012

Top Moments of 2012 - #10

This year, I've been blessed to attend and watch some incredible gospel concerts and events. So for the month of December, I'll be counting down the most memorable moments for me personally that I've either seen in person at a concert or through an online broadcast. (There were some moments that I watched online that were too good not to include!) Some of these top moments are the full concerts themselves while some are just a song or testimony from the night that really set it apart. So here we go with #10.

#10 - Sisters' Performance at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards

Sisters opted to sing the Dottie Rambo classic, "Until He Comes," instead of a recent single or song from their 2012 project. With just piano accompaniment courtesy of Josh Singletary, Sisters wowed the crowd, and it was the performance everyone was talking about the next morning. Sisters are known for their incredible harmonies and breath-taking a cappella numbers. But this performance really showcased how incredible this all-female trio is.

The song was one they recorded in 1975. And Kim mentioned before singing that it's one that had been on her heart to sing. The emotionally-stirring performance had the audience on its feet. If there was any doubt about the vocal strength of this group, it was removed.

While the video of their performance was removed from YouTube, you can watch the full awards online in its entirety. Sisters' performance comes just after the one hour mark.

Their performance from April comes in at #10 of the year. Keep reading this month as I count down!

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  1. Although the Rambos recorded Until He Comes, it was not written by Dottie. I believe it was in the public domain when they recorded it. Great song though!


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