Monday, December 10, 2012

Top Moment of 2012 - #8

In continuing my countdown of memorable personal moments of 2012, #8 comes from a lady sharing a personal testimony toward the end of a Karen Peck and New River concert.

Karen asked as they were wrapping up their concert if anyone there wanted to share a word. One lady spoke up and talked about how her son had died at 17 after a life filled with many struggles. She said that at his funeral they played "I Wanna Know How It Feels," and she talked about how much the song meant to her and had helped her. She thanked Karen for the song and asked if she would sing it. Karen said of course she would.

I don't know if they lady realized then or not that Karen actually wrote the song. Karen shared how she wrote it. She had been humming the melody for a while. But one day when she was missing her dad who passed away, she was folding towels and the song started coming to her. She had John Darrin Rowsey help her with it.

They sang it for the lady, and it was such a sweet moment. Karen, Susan and Jeff were getting emotional along with everyone else in the audience after hearing the lady's touching testimony, but they sang through and delivered an amazing performance!

The countdown continues later this week!

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