Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top Moment of 2012 #3

I remember last year reading a statement from TaRanda Greene about not being able to attend National Quartet Convention in 2011. I wasn't sure whether or not when she would be making an appearance this year or not, until Kim Hopper called her on stage for the top moment #3 of the year.

Kim Hopper took the stage with Kim Collingsworth playing for her to preview a showcase NQC was having the next day. I got pretty excited when after Kim finished singing the first verse, she called TaRanda to the stage to join her.

Kim Hopper, TaRanda Greene and Kim Collingsworth's performance of "There Is a Fountain" at NQC was definitely what people were talking about the next morning. When you think about the top sopranos of the genre, Kim Hopper and TaRanda Greene are definitely among the top of the list. With their power vocals combined with Kim Collingsworth's strong alto harmonies, it made for a chills- worthy performance. 

It was sweet to see the two sisters-in-law sing together and to mark TaRanda's return to NQC. That alone would have made the performance significant, but it was the dynamic vocal combination of the three women that made it rank at #3 on my top moments of 2012 list!

Look for #2 tomorrow!!

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