Monday, December 24, 2012

Top Moment of 2012 #4

Social media has become a great tool recently for getting news out to the masses timely. In late August, Facebook and Twitter lit up with the news of Scotty and Kasey Inman's daughter Embry. First, it was the news of her birth, but only few hours later, it was an urgent prayer request that baby Embry was facing serious medical problems.

Embry stopped breathed several times within the first 12 hours of her life. She was put into the ICU and had several tests run on her. The doctors discovered that she was having seizures and could possibly have suffered brain damage. News came later that her brain was perfectly fine and the medication was working great preventing seizures.

One week after she was born, Embry finally got to go home with Scotty and Kasey. The next night Triumphant Quartet was scheduled to sing in Branson, Mo. at Silver Dollar City during their Southern Gospel Picnic. I had several conversations with people at the park who were wondering how the baby was doing now and who would sing baritone for the quartet.

It was definitely a pleasant surprise to see Scotty there that night. And it was a great testament to how God was working and healing baby Embry. It showed the amount of dedication that he had to the calling that God has for his life. He also mentioned that Kasey told him between their mothers and sisters that baby Embry would be well taken care of that weekend! :)

Scotty shared during the second half of the concert about baby Embry and what they had been through in the past week. He said, "I'm not amazed that God could do it, but that he would do it for me and my family." We all know that God can do anything, but it is such an amazing feeling when he does something amazing for you. Scotty then sang the song "The Great I Am Still Is."

His story of how God had worked and the fact that he went back on the road showing his commitment to this ministry spoke volumes. It was a great moment and testimony, and definitely a top moment of the year for me!

The countdown continues later this week with moment #3!

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