Thursday, December 13, 2012

Top Five Songs of 2012

The Singing News releases the top 80 chart every month. Twelve songs are lucky enough to be deemed #1 songs in a year. Looking just from these 12 songs, here are my top five favorites:

#5 - "Almost Home" (Triumphant Quartet) - This song written by Triumphant's own Scotty Inman is a great upbeat number that landed at #1 in June. It's been a great concert closer for the group. The song was on their Songs From the Heart album.

#4 - "He's Everything I Need (Kingsmen) - Joseph Habedank of the Perrys wrote this song that hit #1 in January. This was a song that really made me stop and listen to the current Kingsmen. It's a fun song with a great message. The song is on their most recent project, Grace Says.

#3 - "I'll Trust the Potter's Hand" (The Whisnants) - Susan Whisnant does an amazing job conveying the message of this song. I love the truth of how God has everything in control that He has a perfect plan. The song reached the top of the charts in September, and it's from their More Than Enough Project.

#2 - "I Want to Know" (Mark Trammell Quartet) - Pat Barker outdoes himself on this song every time. I love listening to the recorded song, but it's incredible to see it live. It's just not any group that can take a song that's decades old and make it a #1. This song not only earned the #1 spot for August, but it also was named #1 for 2012 by Singing News. The song is on their Testimony project which was actually released last year.

#1 - "I Know a Man Who Can" (Greater Vision) - This song reached #1 in October.  The third sentence from #2 also applies here. I think that's why both of these ranked so high on my list. These groups have both made the songs their own and put their stamp on them. Chris Allman makes his case for the best tenor in SG music with his deliverance of this song. It's become a trademark song for him. After it became such a popular song in the live setting for them they recorded it on their The Only Way project which was released last year. I also love the story of how the song came about as just a request one night during a concert. The person who made the request probably didn't realize what he was doing, but I'm glad he made the request!

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