Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Only Faith Can See - The Erwins - CD Review

The Erwins are one of the emerging groups in gospel music. This group of siblings has definitely made a splash in the industry and with good reason. Kody, Kris, Keith and Katie bring a fresh sound that it all their own to the genre. Only Faith Can See is the group's second release from StowTown Records.

The project opens with the up-tempo song "Up and Out of the Valley." It's catchy; you'll find out yourself tapping along. I can hear this progressive song doing really well on radio.

Keith takes the lead on the title track. I love the message of this song written by the team of Jeff Bumgardner, Daniel Doss and Kenna West. He does an incredible job of communicating the lyrics, encouraging believers that there are some things that only faith can see. He's also featured on "Clouds and "The Same Grace."

Katie is featured on two Rachel McCutcheon songs, "He's Still Alive" and "Here's My Everything." Katie is such a great singer at only 16. I can't wait to keep watching and hearing her as she grows and matures. My favorite of the two is "Here's My Everything." Katie does a beautiful job on this song that just says "God, here's my everything."

"Chasing After You" is another more progressive song on the project. If you loved "Greater" on their last project, you'll love this song. Kody has the feature on this song. This song really reminds you of the youthfulness of the group and also one of those songs that can pull in a younger audience or young at heart.

Kris steps up on "Holding on to Me." It's another nice progressive song that I think really captures a nice sound that the Erwins have. The other song that features Kris is "Give It to God." This song really shows a tender side of his voice. It has a more simple arrangement that really shows off his voice. The rest of his siblings join him on the chorus.

One of my favorite songs by Avalon was "Everything to Me." I was so glad to see the Erwins include this song and loved their take on this song!! Definitely a highlight of the project!

The Erwins are sounding better than ever. You can really tell the growth and maturity of the group. The backing of StowTown Records have really helped them find their place in the industry. They bring a fresh sound and youthful energy. I think they have really solidified their place in Southern Gospel with this release. It's definitely a must-buy of 2016.

Song List -
1. "Up and Out of the Valley"
2. "Only Faith Can See"
3. "He's Still Alive"
4. "Chasing After You"
5. "I Can Through Christ"
6. "Holding on to Me"
7. "Here's My Everything"
8. "The Same Grace"
9. "Everything to Me"
10. "Give It to God"
11. "Clouds"

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks the combination of Katie Erwin singing Rachel McCutcheon could be a dynamic duo for years to come?


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