Monday, September 26, 2016

2016 National Quartet Convention - Monday Night

The 2016 National Quartet Convention is officially underway. I should be able to watch most of each night except for Friday night. NQC started today with the announcement that NQC will be held in Pigeon Forge through 2021.

I tuned in tonight to the webcast just in time to catch the end of the McKameys set. Here are some of my thoughts and then some of my favorite songs and performances of the night -

Commentary/ Thoughts -
  • Karen Peck & New River had the best set of the night in my opinion. From start to finish, it was solid. You can't go wrong with "Four Days Late." 
  • Tribute Quartet and the Second-Half Quartet also had some of the best sets of the night. Tribute Quartet had a really nice paced set singing several of their newer songs from Here For You. The Second-Half Quartet is just pure quartet singing at its finest. 
  • I did like having two "featured" groups of the night that had a bit longer sets. Tonight it was Ernie Haase and Signature Sound and the Kingdom Heirs. Loren Harris is sounding great with the Kingdom Heirs!
  • Claude Hopper had one of the more touching moments of the night when he turned to Connie and said he was singing this part to her. It was the last verse of "Where We'll Never Grow Old." It was such a sweet moment!
  • Peg McKamey Bean might throw her shoes off every night, but she is a class act. Her induction to the Southern Gospel Hall of Fame was short, sweet and very heartfelt.
  • Every time I see the Mylon Hayes Family, I am more and more impressed!
  • Viewing on Roku tonight, I had minimal hiccups with the broadcast, and they were short-lived. No complaints here!

Favorite Songs/ Performances
  • "Grace at Its Best" - Tribute Quartet
  • "Where We'll Never Grow Old" - The Hoppers
  • "Blessed" - Karen Peck & New River
  • "Soldier Fighting to Go Home" - Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
  • "Chain Gang" - Kingdom Heirs
  • "Love Medley" - Mylon Hayes Family
  • "Cheer the Weary Traveler" - Second-Half Quartet
  • "It's Still the Cross" - Gold City

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