Tuesday, September 27, 2016

2016 National Quartet Convention - Tuesday Night

Night two of National Quartet Convention is now in the books. I got home in time to turn on the webcast as the Inspirations were on stage. Here are my thoughts and highlights of the night -

  • If the Booth Brothers and Collingsworth Family went on tour together, that would be a concert I wouldn't miss. That was one incredible hour of gospel music. From the opening song together to the last note of "Jesus Saves," it was amazing. I loved Michael's sweet tribute to Jim and his time with the group. He even joined them on the last song. The two instrumentals from the Collingsworth Family, "Let There Be Peace on Earth" and "My Tribute," were also highlights. I also enjoyed Michael putting together the live band on "Life's Railway to Heaven."
  • Jim Brady told the story of his sister's battle with cancer to set up "Every Cry Is Heard." Last year at NQC is when he found out his sister didn't have much longer to live, and this song written by Jim was a song that she heard on the radio after her diagnosis. It was one of the more emotional moments of the night.
  • It was good to hear the Perrys sing "Calvary Answers for Me," probably my favorite performance by an individual group tonight. 
  • Triumphant Quartet had one of the strongest sets of the night with "Love Came Calling" and "This Blood," both being highlights.
  • "Jesus Loves You" is such a powerful song from Jeff and Sheri Easter. I'm glad they sang it tonight, definitely the highlight of their set. 
  • Both Loren Harris and Trent Adams have just started with their respective groups, Kingdom Heirs and LeFevre Quartet. They are getting thrown in the deep end with this being the biggest event in gospel music, but both have been very impressive!

Favorite Songs/ Performances -

  • "Every Cry Is Heard" - Jim Brady Trio
  • "I Can Pray" - Kingdom Heirs
  • "Calvary Answers for Me" - The Perrys
  • "This Blood" - Triumphant Quartet
  • "Then I Met the Master" - Booth Brothers
  • "Blood of Jesus" - Collingsworth Family
  • "Jesus Saves" - Collingsworth Family/ Booth Brothers
  • "Jesus Loves You" - Jeff and Sheri Easter
  • "He Left No Stone Unturned" - LeFevre Quartet

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