Thursday, September 1, 2016

A Soloist, A Duo, A Trio and a Quartet - Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic 2016

A soloist, a duo, a trio and a quartet all walk into a theme park ... kinda sounds like the start of a joke and probably not a very good one at that. But yesterday all of these groups walked into a theme part and spent the day singing Southern Gospel.

Wednesday, I covered all the bases by seeing a soloist, a duo, a trio and a quartet. I got out to the park in the early afternoon and was able to see four different artists. Here's how my day went -

Jim Brady Trio

I went straight to Red Gold Hall when I got to Silver Dollar City. I was anxious to see the Jim Brady Trio with new singer Layke Jones. He's only 22, but sounds like a seasoned singer, incredible young talent! Layke was featured on "When He Saved Me." 

They started the set with "Stepping Out in Faith" and then sang the Booth Brothers song, "I Have an Anchor."

They sang "Tell Me" with a special guest that had been traveling with them for the weekend, Jim's sister Marla. I've always been a fan of this song when Melissa did it with the Booth Brothers, so I was glad they staged it! The trio ended the set with "Half That's Never Been Told."

Wilburn and Wilburn

It was great to get a chance to see this father/ son duo again. They featured Jordan on several of their hit songs including, "Help Me Help Someone." I didn't realize the lead singer for Rascal Flatts wrote this song. 

They also got the crowd going with "I John, Saw a Mighty Number." Jonathan really cut loose on this one! They also sang "Nobody Like Jesus," another great uptempo one!

They closed with "You Asked Him to Leave," which has probably become their most requested song!

Mark Bishop

Mark Bishop opened the night in Echo Hollow with "Listening for the Call." He sang one song from his latest project, "Pick Me Up and Carry Me."

He also sang a few of his more well-known songs like "I Can Rejoice," "Can I Pray for You" and "I Got Here Just as Fast as I Could."

He sang a few of my favorites like, "Pray on the Little Days" and "My Name is Jesus," which he closed with! Love this song!

Legacy Five

They opened their set with "Great Day" and then really got the crowd going with "He Made a Change." They turned it around and repeated the chorus with the audience clapping and singing along.

Josh was featured on the Goodman classic "What a Lovely Name." They also sang one of the first songs that Scott Fowler sang with the Cathedrals, "After While" with just piano.

They sang one of my favorites, "I Found Grace." Then Matt was featured on "I'll Keep Working, Watching, Waiting for the King," love this one as well!

They ended the first half with the audience standing up through both of the last two songs. Trey played "God Bless America" and then they went into the "Hallelujah Chorus."

They came back after intermission and sang "Great Medley," "His Name is Wonderful" and "Who Is This Man."

Ready for Day 8 tomorrow, only five days left now!

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