Sunday, September 4, 2016

Day 10 of Silver Dollar City's Southern Gospel Picnic - 2016

It's Labor Day Weekend, and you couldn't ask for nicer weather this weekend in the Ozarks. As someone who has survived Southern Gospel Picnic in the rain and 100+ degrees, I appreciate the sun and 80-degree temperatures.

Today I was later going out to the park, so I caught one other group before the evening concert with New Road and the Booth Brothers.

The Diplomats

I've forgotten how talented the Diplomats are. There were about seven different instruments on stage that the group played throughout the set. 

The quartet opened with "Meet Me Over on the Other Side" and then sang "Walking With Jesus," always a fun one!

Alex showed off his bass vocals on "Rainbow of Love." He gets better each time I see him! Corey also nailed the high part at the end!

After the song, Duane Garren, who has been the emcee for the festival, came out and interrupted the show asking them to show off the youngsters of the group more. He wanted to hear a bit more bluegrass. He called them the Georgia Skillet Lickers. They sang "When the Sun of My Life Goes Down."

They ended the set with the Goodman classic "I Wouldn't Take Nothing for My Journey Now."

New Road

I've been able to see this group for the past couple of years now. They are from the area, and one of the most impressive things about this group is the use of all live music.

They sang a lot of great songs you would recognize like "Meet Me at the Table," "Wedding Music," "What a Beautiful Day" and "I'm Rich."

Their tenor singer did an incredible job on "Oh What a Savior." They ended their time with "I Would Crawl All the Way to the River."

Booth Brothers

The Booth Brothers brought in the largest crowd so far this week! They are always a favorite at Silver Dollar City, and this is normally the one time of year I get to see them.

They opened the night with "Sail On" and then sang one of their most requested songs, "The Blind Man Saw It All."

Paul was featured on "Touch of the Master's Hand," love this song!! After the song, Michael said that they had to stop for a minute. He said there had been a large bug on stage that looked like a stick. They looked for the bug and found it on the guitar behind them. A lady from the front row came up to the stage and got it for them! Haha! Michael then said that he needed a picture with her. She stopped for a photo and held up the walking stick bug to him, and he changed his mind and walked back to the stage. LOL

With the bug problem resolved, they got back to singing. They sang their version of "Happy Rhythm," a gospel jazz, and then "All Over the World," which has a Latin feel to it.

Michael shared the story of his wife and how she grew up not knowing or understanding the love of father. He then sang a song that was written about her story, "Wildflower."

They ended the first half with "Jesus Saves," and what an incredible moment of worship that was! The crowd was on its feet singing and worshipping along with the group.

The Booth Brothers pulled out some instruments of their own for the second half and sang a few more country flavored songs, "Life Is Like a Mountain Railway," "High Cotton" and "Down By the River." They sang one more, "It Is No Secret," before bringing back New Road to the stage to sing a play a few more to end the night.

The Booth Brothers never disappoint! Only two days of the picnic left!

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