Wednesday, September 28, 2016

2016 National Quartet Convention - Wednesday Night

Overall this has been the strongest night so far of the convention. I started watching during the end of the Mylon Hayes Family's set tonight. I was in and out a bit, but got to see most of it from then on.

Commentary/ Highlights -

  • I am struggling to crown a set of the night. It's a toss up between the Hoppers and the Second-Half Quartet. It was good to hear from the Hoppers' new project as well favorites like "Jerusalem." I also was glad that the Hoppers included the Hopper Brothers 2.0 coming up and singing "I Know." I think after this week people are going to be interested in seeing more and more from the Second-Half Quartet. I think people love their sound and the voices with just piano and bass. 
  • Kudos to the Ball Brothers for doing an a cappella number tonight. A cappella is challenging anyway, but especially at NQC. However these guys pulled it off with "I Shall Know Him."
  • It's good to see Trey Ivey step out from behind the piano. I really enjoyed hearing him sing "In the Hands of a Carpenter."
  • Susan Whisnant singing "I Love You This Much" was definitely one of the top moments of the night. It was sweet how she asked where her parents where in the audience before singing and how she paid tribute to her mom. 
  • I don't know who came up with #DaywindBusKaraoke, but thank you. Hilarious, especially Legacy Five's impersonation of Tribute. 
  • Ernie Haase joined Legacy Five on stage for "He Made a Change" for a nice Cathedral tribute. 
  • The webcast cut out for me during the Talleys set. I saw the first song and then it came back in during them singing with the audience "What a Day That Will Be." 
  • I would have rearranged the schedule a bit tonight. Nothing against the Browns, but the part where all the Daywind artists came back to the stage and sang some of their most popular songs felt like the finale. It was one of my favorite parts of the night. 

Favorite Songs/ Performances -

  • "I Shall Know Him" - Ball Brothers
  • "It's Almost Over" - Mark Trammell Quartet
  • "Pray Now" - Karen Peck & New River
  • "Sometimes I Cry" - Jason Crabb
  • "I've Come Too Far" - Hoppers
  • "Standing on Holy Ground" - Second-Half Quartet
  • "After All This Time" - Talleys
  • "I Love You This Much" - The Whisnants
  • "God of the Storms" - Tribute Quartet
  • "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross" - Legacy Five
  • "Jesus The One" - Hoppers
  • "Christ Is Still the King" - Legacy Five joined by Tribute Quartet

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