Monday, December 21, 2015

Top Moment #8 of 2015 - Gaither Homecoming Christmas

As I mentioned I love all things Christmas, so here's my second Christmas-related top moment of 2015. Last weekend, I had the chance to see the Gaither Homecoming Christmas tour in Little Rock. The night was just incredible.

This night on the tour featured Kevin Williams, Charlotte Ritchie (who also filled in with the Isaacs since Sonya just had a baby), Gene McDonald, the Nelons, Angie Primm, the Isaacs and the Vocal Band. I always enjoy seeing these large tour events with several groups. And the quality of the production that the Homecoming Tour puts on is just top notch. Bill Gaither knows how to read the audience well and move the night along seamlessly.

This was my first chance to see this lineup of the Gaither Vocal Band with Wes Hampton, David Phelps, Adam Crabb, Todd Suttles and Bill Gaither. I like how they sound together and their interactions on stage. They seem to really have a great time together! It was good to hear them individually featured along with the group. We really got to hear from each of the guys and what great vocalists they are!

Highlights from the night included -

  • I loved getting to hear more from Charlotte Ritchie. She sounded amazing with Isaacs, pulling double duty that night!
  • This was also my first chance to see Angie Primm live, wow, what a voice and what energy she has on stage!!
  • Kevin Williams is just funny and super talented. He did a great job warming up the crowd and his interactions with Bill are hilarious!
  • David Phelps - I think that's really all I have to say. I forget how great of a singer he is! 
  • The Nelons never fail to impress me with their vocals. It's great to see Autumn have more of a presence on stage with them.
  • The younger generations are all having a greater role. Levi Bowman joined his family on stage during the second half and was featured, singing with his mother and Autumn.
  • I liked how the second half was more of a sing-along. The groups and various members were showcased but the audience got to join in some!
Here's a clip that the Nelons had on their Facebook page from one of their stops on the tour -

From the Gaither Christmas Tour tonight, we not only celebrate the birth of Jesus, we celebrate His life and Ressurection! Please share and enjoy
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