Monday, December 14, 2015

#10 Top Moment of 2015 - Perrys' Reunion at National Quartet Convention

It's time to start the annual countdown of top moments of the year. I had a feeling some recent concerts I attended would make the list (I was right.), so I'm a little later starting it this year.

I've gotten the chance to attend some great events and concerts this year. Normally the list has a mix of moments I've caught online via webcast or in person. This year, the top 10 moment is the only one that came via webcast. And it's from the National Quartet Convention.

It's always fun to see what can happen at the National Quartet Convention when so many artists appear on stage in one night. So many different people are there, so various musicians will join artists on stage or singers from different groups can join together on stage. In some cases, it can be former members. This was the case on Thursday night of this year. When the Perrys started singing "I Wish I Could Have Been There," Troy Peach asked the audience to make welcome Loren Harris who started singing. Then he announced Joseph Habedank who finished the first verse. Before the end of the segment, former members Debra Perry Reed, Bryan Walker, Mike Bowling, Nick Trammell and Bryan Elliot were all on stage with them! It was such a fun and unexpected moment!

Here's a video from the Perrys' entire set that night. The reunion segment starts at about 4:53.

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