Wednesday, December 16, 2015

#9 Top Moment of the Year - Whisnants and Mark Trammell QuartetChristmas Concert

I love all things Christmas. So this is the first of two Christmas-related moments to make the list.

Last year, the Mark Trammell Quartet and the Whisnants joined forces for a Christmas tour. One of their stops was in Vilonia, Arkansas. Unfortunately, I had to be in Memphis for work and missed it! This year, however, I got to be there for their "Home for Christmas" tour, and it was definitely one of the best concerts I attended this year! For the #9 moment of the year, here's a little bit about the Home for Christmas concert.

They sang many Christmas favorites and several songs from their joint Christmas album last year like "Unspeakable Joy," "Without Christ There's No Christmas" and "Jesus Brought Joy to the World." Each group had a set in the first half with a few songs together. And then the second half was them together.

Of course, when these two groups get together you never know what exactly will happen. The fruitcakes were flowing freely that night. Apparently the Whisnants along with the pastor of the church, Wade Lentz, let it slip that the Mark Trammell Quartet loves fruitcake. So the quartet had dozens of fruitcakes delivered to their table that night including 36 on stage. Haha! Needless to say I don't think the guys will be wanting fruitcakes anytime soon, not that they really wanted any to begin with! :)

Here are some of my favorite parts of the night -

  • "If You Could See What I See" - I LOVE this song. Christmas is going to be bittersweet this year without my grandfather, but this song is such a beautiful picture of what it's like for our loved ones in Heaven. Love hearing Susan sing this song!
  • "Oh Holy Night" - Mark does an incredible job on this song!
  • "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" 
  • "I Call Him Lord" 
  • "Worry Ends Where Faith Begins" - This was my first time to hear Susan sing this song live, my favorite from their new project!
  • "The King Is Coming" - Amazing way to end the night!

It was a great night honoring the birth of our Savior with great singing, some laughs and lots of fruitcake!

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