Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Talleys - After All This Time - CD Review

The Talleys' latest recording After All This Time releases tomorrow. I have to say this is the best
Talleys' album to date. It's without a doubt a must buy this year. I'm sure it will be in my list of top albums this year.

The project starts with the title track. This song has a fun country feel that simply talks about the faithfulness of God. Love this song to get the project started!

"The People in the Line" was a song I heard live via webcast during NQC. Lauren talked about how convicting the lyrics are, and the more I listened to the song, the more I found out she's exactly right. We never know what people are us are going through from the people in the line to the people on the road to people on the stage. We forget how other people maybe hurting. We can be quick to judge when they aren't doing as we think they should. This song featuring Lauren is sure to do well for the group!

"Jesus' Blood Is Enough" is a song you need to hit repeat on over and over again. The soothing song is a beautiful reminder that He is enough to make us new, to cover our sins, to bring us hope or to help us through whatever we may be going through. Lauren does such an incredible job on this song. This is my favorite Lauren feature of the project. Although "There Is Coming a Day" is a close second. The song is a great picture of the promise of Heaven.

Debra has such a tender performance on "I Need You More." The arrangement is simple to really allow her beautiful alto voice to soar through. It's to the tune of Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender." Debra's favorite performance of mine though is "This Thing Called Grace." It's such an amazing song written by Dianne Wilkinson and Rebecca Peck. Debra turns in an incredible performance on this track.

I wasn't familiar with "Naaman" before this project. But it quickly became one I found myself hitting repeat on and then I discovered the song was actually a remake. The Talleys also recorded the song in the 1980s when Kirk was with the group. I like when groups can pull up an old song, give it a new feel and newer fans (like myself) a chance to hear it for the first time! This version is a must listen!

"My Hope Is in the Lord" is not the same song the group recorded just a few albums prior. I wonder how many groups have recorded a song by the same name! This upbeat very Southern-style song is a great song that really features all three members.

Roger is featured on "Somebody's Story." This song has a similar message to "The People in the Line." The song has such a different feel though and the message definitely bears repeating!

Lauren shows off her soulful side with "Who But God." This is another song that was a hit in the 1980s written by Ronnie Hinson and Mike Payne.

This time of year I really like to just listen to Christmas. But it's been hard not to keep listening to this CD once I got it! Every cut on the project is worth listening to. This project shows the Talleys' strengths and how consistent they are at producing great projects. I really think this is my favorite CD of theirs. From orchestration to song choice to vocals, it's hands down a 5-star recording!

If you're looking for a great Christmas present for the gospel music fan in your life, pick this CD up, but be sure to also get one for yourself!

Song List -
1. "After All This Time"
2. "There Is Coming a Day"
3. "There's Never Been a Mountain"
4. "This Thing Called Grace"
5. "Naaman"
6. "Jesus' Blood Is Enough"
7. "My Hope Is in the Lord"
8. "But I Need You More"
9. "The People in the Line"
10. "Somebody's Story"
11. "Who But God"
12. "I Love to Tell the Story/ Blessed Assurance"

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  1. I agree 100% with your assessment of the CD!!!!!!! While I cannot call it a favorite (simply because it is impossible for me to decide which one I love the most of theirs......Lol) I DO find myself repeating it over & over again!!!!! Absolutely outdid themselves once again. When you think the Talleys recorded their best CD, this only seems to hold true until the next one is out!!!!!! Which is why I have been a HUGE Talley fan now for almost 7 years..........they cannot be beat!!!!!!!!! I enjoy many of Southern Gospels finest artists, but none finer than this family right here!!!!! I have the CD & got it on pre order. Though not a Christmas CD, it is a MUST have as you said for Gospel Music lovers everywhere!!!!!!!! God bless the Talleys and bless you too as you bring as these reviews!!!!!!!! They are much appreciated!!!!!!!!


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