Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top Songs of 2014

It's that time of year when we have several countdowns of the year going. Today's post is all about the top songs of the year. My song countdown is a little different from others. I take all the #1 songs on the chart from this year and make my list of top 5. As I started making my list this year, I realized that there were a few songs I wanted to include that surprisingly did not make it to #1 ("Say Amen" and "Your Walk Talks"). So maybe next year, I'll do it a bit differently.

Several groups had two #1 songs this year including Karen Peck and New River, Greater Vision, Kingdom Heirs and the Browders. In addition to being #1, many of these songs were also award winners at the Singing News Fan Awards, Absolutely Gospel Awards and even the Dove Awards.

So for 2014, here's my top 5 -

5. "I Know Enough" (Bowling Family) written by Marcia Henry and Belinda Smith - This song by the Bowling Family features Kelly Bowling. I love this song all about trust. We may not understand why God works the way He does, but we know enough to know that He has taken care of us before and will again.

4. "Long Live the King" (Old Paths) written by Chris Binion and Dianne Wilkinson - This is a great power ballad by the quartet. He lives forever; He conquered death, and together with Him we will live forever praising His name. This song has some of the most powerful lyrics and with the powerful delivery, song arrangement and orchestration, it's a winning combination!

3. "For All He's Done" (Greater Vision) written by Chris Allman - I realize that I didn't pick the more awarded or maybe more popular Greater Vision song. "For All He's Done" makes my list though. It's an incredible reminder that no matter what, we can praise Him for all He's done in our lives. It's a great reminder to not take for granted all that He has done. Because of that, we should continually praise Him and strive to live for Him.

2. "Up Above" (Talleys) written by Rebecca Peck - Sometimes you just don't understand how God is working. You can't see what He sees. We often don't know why things work out they way they do, but up above it will all make sense. This song is so applicable to all of us at times in our lives. We have to trust that up above we'll understand and know that He's leading us every step of the way. The message is simple, but so powerful and one that needs to be reinforced so many times.

1. "Finish Well" (Karen Peck and New River) written by Karen Peck Gooch, Kenna Turner West and Michael Farris - Again, I'm going against the grain and not picking the more awarded song by this group for the year. So many times I tend to be reminiscent and dwell on the past, but a verse that Karen often uses to set up the song is Ecc. 7:10, which says it's not wise to say we have seen our better days. What a more fitting song than this to encourage the church to keep running the race? Don't think that the best lies behind. Our best days are ahead if we keep working and living for God, doing our part to advance His Kingdom for the glory of His name.  No matter where we are in life, may we all finish well.

What do you think were the tops songs this year?

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