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Jubilee Christmas Concert Recap - Booth Brothers - Legacy Five - Greater Vision

I love all things Christmas, so when the three top gospel groups come close to my area on a Christmas tour, it's a winning combination. Of course, I'm talking about the Jubilee Christmas tour with the Booth Brothers, Greater Vision and Legacy Five. I had wanted to see these three together for a few years now, but never could make it when they were close. That changed on Friday night when the tour came to Monroe, Louisiana.

Jubilee Gang - Legacy Five, Booth Brothers and Greater Vision
I was really impressed by the set and lighting that they had on stage. Christmas trees and poinsettias decorated were all along the stage. Throughout the concert, there was a main screen behind the guys with photos and videos that matched the songs or stories that helped add to atmosphere and some comedic moments.

To start the concert, all three concerts took the stage for "Christmas Jubilee." Then, they sang "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" and "O Come All Ye Faithful." On the latter, the groups stepped out and each took a bit to sing so you got to hear the groups individually for the first time. 

Then, they started highlighting more individuals and groups. Chris Allman was the first solo with "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year."

Legacy Five sang "I Still Like to Go to Grandma's House for Christmas." Then, Gerald talked about listening to Christmas music at his grandparents' house, and they had all the old crooner albums. He said that the Jubilee tour had its own resident crooner with Ronnie Booth. He pulled Michael and Jim up to back him up. Then, Rodney Griffin partially through the song came out "playing" a sax. He went around the stage with it and then to the back where it showed his silhouette on the screen behind Ronnie. It was hilarious seeing all he did behind them!

Matt Fouch, the only bass singer on the tour, also sang the beloved Christmas song "White Christmas." I had an idea of what was coming on this song, but it was still one of the funniest parts of the night. Scott Howard interrupted Gerald talking about how they needed snow for this song. Being from Monroe himself, he knew that snow was a rarity down there. He wanted to help them out with some snow during the song. Scott invented a redneck snowblower machine which blew toilet paper. At about midway into the song, Scott came out and made it "snow" on Matt and then he also turned it on piano player Trey Ivey. Check out this video from a previous concert to see what I mean!

Another funny highlight of the first half was the guys' Southern Gospel spin on the "12 Days of Christmas" complete with boots, CD specials, Red Back hymnals and five bad toupees!!

Trey Ivey played a medley of Christmas favorites that included “Frosty,” “Rudolph” and “Let It Snow.” To end the first half he started playing “Oh Holy Night.” Legacy Five joined him midway through and then the group all joined in. It was an incredible moment and way to end the first half!! Legacy Five kicked off the second half with “Christmas With a Capital C.” Gerald sang “There’s No Place Like Home for the Holidays” followed by Chris featured on “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

The second half included a couple more comedic surprises. The Booth Brothers sang a Western style song – “Don’t Snow Me In,” which was only a few words different from “Don’t Fence Me In.” Of course Michael to get in the cowboy spirit got the guys cowboy hats. His was red, and the screen showed a picture of Michael in his red hat next to Jesse the cowgirl from Toy Story with the same hat! Haha!

Gerald set up the next funny moment by saying that there were three cousins who wanted to sing for Jim Brady because they wanted to be in his trio even though the group has been named. They were in Monroe hunting and stopped by. Let’s just say they looked a lot like three singers who had been on the stage earlier, and it might not be who you would think! They sang “I’m Going Hunting for Christmas,” and it was hilarious!!

The groups sang two songs, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” and “Carol of the Bells,” from their a cappella Christmas CD they released last year. Musically those were the highlights for me. Absolutely amazing to just the 11 voices!!

Trey Ivey was featured on “Oh Little Town of Bethlehem” and of course to the guys’ dismay he merged it with a classical piece. ☺

Jim Brady was featured on the Gerald Wolfe- penned “And It Came to Pass.” Great song that I hadn’t heard before! The Booth Brothers also sang “At the Right Time” and then Ronnie read the Christmas story from Luke 2. Scott Fowler then came out and sang “Welcome Holy Child,” another great moment!!

It had been a full night of Christmas music, and that was the plan. However, as Gerald was getting ready to wind things down and close a lady toward the front of the audience made a request. She was 90+ and wanted to hear Michael Booth sing “Look for Me at Jesus’ Feet.” So they obliged.

The groups closed the night with another song from their a cappella CD simply entitled “The Benediction.”

It was simply an incredible night with a lot of laughs, tons of Christmas spirit and great music!! If this tour is close to your area next tear, don’t miss it. Even if you have to drive a few hours like I did, it’s well worth it!!!

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