Friday, December 26, 2014

Top Moment #4 - Karen Peck and New River in Batesville

The top #4 moment of the year came earlier this year when I saw Karen Peck and New River in Batesville. The concert is an annual event for them and fundraiser for WARP 180. This ministry and recovery program is for women who battle addictions. his program is designed to teach women how to live a life that is Christ-honoring, productive, and free from the chains of addiction.

Karen Peck and New River had an amazing concert, but it was the end that really made this evening special. Karen led an invitation, and talked about how as long as we are living on this earth we were going to be going through something. However, we might have problems, but with Jesus we can have a peace that passes all understanding.

After the invitation, she asked for people in the audience to give a line of testimony. Several offered touching tributes of what God has done in their lives including some of the women who had been in WARP 180. It was an incredible reminder of the faithfulness of God! They ended the night with "Finish Well," which was just amazing!

These women had been through such hard times. When it would have been easy to question and stray from God, they praised Him for all He had done in their lives. Their testimonies were incredibly inspiring. And the group took time to talk to some of them and pray with them after the concert. It's so refreshing to see a group who truly ministers and goes above and beyond off stage as well as on.

The sweet spirit of the night definitely made this a top moment of the year!

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