Monday, December 8, 2014

Top Moment of 2014 - #10 with Booth Brothers and Triumphant Quartet

It's time to start the annual countdown of top moments from 2014. These are moments that I have seen live either via webcast or in person from concerts and events. Some are fun, and some are serious. Some have special meaning for me more than anyone else, but all are worth highlighting as we wrap up 2014.

The #10 spot is a two-in-one and definitely a fun moment, not a serious one! When I was at Silver Dollar City for Southern Gospel Picnic, Duane Garren teased to something one night that was going to happen that had never been done at a gospel concert before!

That night Triumphant Quartet was there. They had been challenged to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and decided to take the challenge in front of a packed house at Silver Dollar City that night. This is just a a very short clip of it!

After the challenge, they issued it to the Booth Brothers to be taken also at Silver Dollar City the night they sang in Echo Hollow! And of course, the Booth Brothers accepted the challenge!

Thanks guys for a fun moment for the festival and for the year! And this year's #10 moment for 2014!

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