Friday, December 12, 2014

#8 Top Moment of 2014 - Mylon Hayes Family - NQC

The countdown continues with #8 which also was comes via webcast. This year at National Quartet Convention, some groups had one song to sing on Main Stage, one chance to make an impression. One group that stood out above the rest with just one song was the Mylon Hayes Family. The family took the stage and sang "Little Is Much" and made it a highlight of the evening. The group later in the week took home the award for Favorite New Group. With one song that has been sung by numerous groups before, this family's performance stood out above the rest!

Here's a clip of the group singing the song they sang that night. There was not a clip online from NQC, but you can see how well this group sings the song and how it made the list of top moments of the year!

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