Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Top Albums of 2014

Today we break from the top moments of the year to crown what I consider to be the top albums of the year.

It was a strong year for quartet albums with five of the top 10 being quartet projects. It was also an incredible year for soloists with two of those in the top three. My list is just according to the albums I reviewed, there were some great releases I didn't get to this year.

10. Measure of Grace - Taylors

9. Awesome God - Triumphant Quartet 

8. A Cappella - The Martins 

7. Great Day - Legacy Five

6. Unashamed - Brian Free and Assurance

5. Picture This - 11th Hour

4. Battle Cry - Kingsmen

3. Stronger - TaRanda Greene

2. Welcome Home - Joseph Habedank

1. Your Walk Talks - Mark Trammell Quartet

I went back and forth on #1 and #2 for a while, switching them and even thought about calling it a tie. Because, honestly, they are a little bit like comparing apples to oranges. However, in the end, I had to go with Mark Trammell Quartet's Your Walk Talks. It's definitely the best release of the group to date. You've got incredible songs like "Your Walk Talks," "God's Been Faithful" and "When the King Comes to Claim His Throne."

This is what I said when I reviewed the project back in February, and it definitely holds true -
"After listening to Mark Trammell Quartet's latest release, there's only one word that comes to mind - Wow! The Mark Trammell Quartet has not only set the bar high for other releases this year, but they could not have started their new label with a stronger project."

What do you think? What makes your top 10 list?

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  1. For the first time in decades, I am voting for the Kingsmen. I feel this is an outstanding SG recording and I cannot seem to remove it from my CD player.

    You made very good choices.


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