Monday, December 22, 2014

Top Moment #5 of 2015 - Booth Brothers, Paul Lancaster, Collingsworth Family - National Quartet Convention

The countdown continues today with the #5 moment of 2014. This moment came courtesy of National Quartet Convention. On Thursday night, the Booth Brothers took the stage for one of their last times with Jim Brady.

The Booth Brothers and the Jim Brady Trio have had one of the smoothest transitions of group member changes. Michael, Ronnie and Jim have shown that they are true class acts in announcing that Jim is leaving and the formation of Jim's new group with his wife Melissa. On Thursday night of NQC, they called up the new Booth Brother Paul Lancaster to join them on stage. Then, Michael also invited the Collingsworth Family up to join them. The song was "Jesus Saves" which both groups recorded. It was an incredible moment to welcome Paul into the group, to NQC and show the camaraderie they all have for each other.

Paul was featured on the song with the Collingsworth Family backing up the Booth Brothers! Such an incredible moment and worthy of making the top 10 list!!

The countdown continues later this week!

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