Thursday, September 25, 2014

NQC Day 4 Highlights - National Quartet Convention Recap

I actually got to watch most of the webcast in its entirety tonight. Now, I'm not going to promise that I was glued to the screen the entire night to catch every detail, but I caught almost everything! :)

Probably the moment of the night happened early on during the Booth Brothers set. They sang several and then called Paul Lancaster (who will replace Jim Brady) and the Collingsworth Family up to join them. They sang "Jesus Saves" which featured Paul. It was absolutely incredible!! I love how the Booth Brothers and Jim Brady have handled this transition. It was great to see them all so supportive of each other. Paul did an amazing job on the song, and it was great to hear them backed up by the Collingsworth Family!

A lot happened toward the beginning tonight with Karen Peck and New River and the Bowling Family being two of the first groups. KPNR had a solid set as always. I'm disappointed to see the Bowling Family with only one set this week. They had a great set and featured the Bowling girls on one song. These girls have great harmonies now, so I can't wait to hear them in a few years! Hope continues to amaze me. I love that they have brought "Jesus Pilots My Ship" back!

The Collingsworth Family also brought up additional family members tonight. They had all their children's spouses join them on stage for "We Will Serve the Lord." Another great moment!

It was a night for the younger generation of singers to stand out! Karlye Hopper was featured on a verse of "I'll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus." The Taylors had a great night that featured not only songs from their latest project but also their brother-in-law Aaron Perkins on a few songs. It was cute to see Leslie and Aaron bring up Isaiah to the stage.

Brian Free and Assurance also brought up Lauren Talley Alvey to sing "Where There's a Will" with them live. She was a guest vocalist on their album, so it was neat to see them sing it live together!

Lauren and Gerald Wolfe co-hosted the evening and did a fantastic job!

Here are the highlights from the night (in no particular order) -

  • "Jesus Saves" - Booth Brothers (with Paul Lancaster) and Collingsworth Family
  • "Jesus Pilots My Ship" - Bowling Family
  • "We Will Serve the Lord" - Collingsworth Family
  • "Where There's a Will" - Brian Free and Assurance with Lauren Alvey
  • "Until You Know the Love of God" - Greater Vision
  • "Broken Ones" - The Talleys
  • "I'll Worship Only at the Feet of Jesus" - The Hoppers
  • "Up Above My Head" - The Taylors 
  • "The Living Years" - Isaacs
  • "Little Is Much" - Dixie Melody Boys

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