Thursday, September 11, 2014

Awesome God - Triumphant Quartet

I'm way behind on CD reviews, so I've got several coming up in the next few weeks. The first one I'm diving into is Awesome God by Triumphant Quartet.

Normally, I'm a fan of projects with new songs not previously recorded songs, but I love the concept of this album. Triumphant Quartet took popular songs of the church both current and classics. I love hearing the Southern Gospel, quartet-spin on some of the more contemporary songs.

The highlight of the project has to be "This Blood" which is a David Sutton feature. Our church choir has sung this song many times, and I've always been partial to it, but I absolutely love David singing this song. And live it's even more powerful!

Another song that stands out is "I Will Rise" which Clayton Inman sings. This song really impressed me when I heard him sing it live at Silver Dollar City. The song is a popular worship song by Chris Tomlin, but the quartet adds a bit of Southern Gospel flair to the end with a bridge of "Going Home."

"Days of Elijah" has always been a fun song to sing in church. I think it was a great choice for this album to have a bit of a faster song in a mix of more ballads and slow worship songs.

I like the way "O the Blood" starts out with an a cappella version of "Jesus Paid It All." Eric Bennett is featured here but it's interesting to hear him out of his normal bass range and singing more of a lead. I like the use of the choir here. "We Will Remember" is another favorite of mine on the project and another one they used a choir on.

They pulled out several older popular contemporary songs like "I Can Only Imagine," "How Great Is Our God" and "Awesome God." Scotty Inman does an incredible job on "I Can Only Imagine."

The more Southern Gospel tracks are "I'll Put on a Crown," "Sing for You" and "Happy Day Medley." Both are great arrangements and offer more traditional sounds for the gospel quartet lover.

Overall, I love that Triumphant Quartet tried something different with album and a great concept! They successfully introduced the Southern Gospel community to more contemporary praise songs of the church with their own spin on it! Definitely recommend giving it a listen!

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